About Us/History

TEKAR Teknik Araştırma Ticaret Limited Şirketi has been founded in 1971 as an Engineering Company in Ankara, Turkey.

From the very start TEKAR, has given its best services to please the clients, to achive this, the most suitable solution from the engineering point of view as well as an economical one has been sought for. As a result of this, the company has paridly expanded and has undertaken several projects in different fields.

Backed up by the experience attained in 48 years, as well as by the qualified personnel and up to date equipment, TEKAR, today can meet all the requirements to qualify for almost any project offered by the Goverments and Private Organizations all over the world.

TEKAR has mainly operated in Turkey, however, since 1978, projects have been undertaken in Middle East (Iraq and Saudi Arabia), Africa ( Uganda, Comoros Islands and Sierra Leone), CIS Countries (Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyz Republic, Georgia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan).

TEKAR has her Main Office in Ankara, and has Branch Offices , Bishkek – Kyrgyz Republic, Dushanbe -Tajikistan, Baku – Azerbaijan and Tashkent – Uzbekistan.

TEKAR is known as a very respectful company within finance sector too. The list of Banks where TEKAR has the credit iness are given below;

• Halk Bank – Turkey
• Deniz Bank – Turkey
• Mugan Bank – Azerbaijan
• Orion Bank – Tajikistan
• Capital Bank of Central Asia – Kyrgyz Republic

As a purely Turkish Company, TEKAR, is very active in the Third World, since 1978. The company has conducted an exhaustive study on behalf of İslamic Development Bank and other International Finance Agencies.

Over the past 48 years, TEKAR has been active both in Turkey and overseas on different projects.